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I’m a student journalist studying at CSULB. Currently I work as the opinions editor for the Daily Forty-Niner. Poetry and creative writing on the side.

Shave for Yourself

By Kelsey Brown It was senior year of high school, and the guy I had crushed on for years was finally paying me some attention. Of course, that didn’t mean much——in reality he just wanted to have sex with me. But eager-to-please me, seeking validation in others as always, gave in. He finished,  I was…

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By Anonymous Glass Fragile and delicate in your eyes Yet your hands forcibly handle me Torture my body, my heart dies Wishing to go back to normalcy Glass Appreciation expected for the ceiling you’ve built But meant to box me in instead You say love, I say guilt Sometimes I’d wish I was dead Glass…

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Woman On Fire

"Women are the source of human life created from the universe. As women, we continually rise from the fire. That fire can be anything from daily struggles, day-to-day battles and the never ending fight for equality." -Jamie (Ramirez) Allison

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