To Be A Warrior

By Kiera Price

Ever since I was young

I had an obsession with fairytales

The idea of a prince saving me from my misery

Sounded like a breath of fresh air.

I have been battling the

monsters ever since I was young; 

monsters of loneliness, heartbreak and depression.

I have been battling for years on end.

And when potential suitors

And soldiers came along

I thought they could help me

I thought I could find

a Prince Charming

Who could kiss me 

And all of the pain will

fade away.

But it’s not simple.

I thought those soldiers

could hold my hand.

Be there for me always 

Fighting alongside me

But it’s not simple.

Sometimes you have to fight battles on your own.

Sometimes you have to be your own Prince Charming.

Sometimes you have to be your own soldier.

It’s hard coming to that


But thinking it over

I noticed that

I’m the last one standing on

the battlefield. 

And that’s what it means to

be a warrior.

I keep fighting

Even on my own

Until I have nothing left. 


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