By Anonymous


Fragile and delicate in your eyes

Yet your hands forcibly handle me

Torture my body, my heart dies

Wishing to go back to normalcy


Appreciation expected for the ceiling you’ve built

But meant to box me in instead

You say love, I say guilt

Sometimes I’d wish I was dead


With force you think I’ll shatter

But it’s me who cuts you in the end

You can bruise me, leave me battered

But I won’t break, I’ll learn to bend


You think I’m that transparent

But it’s me who sees through you

I’m awake now, more coherent

I know what’s left for me to do


You think you get your shots in

But now I’m bulletproof

I’ve found my power from within

I have to share my truth


Put pressure on me expecting to crack

But under the heat I only get stronger

It’s my turn to fire back

I have to fight this monster


You’ve scarred me many times

Burned me even more

Told me many lies 

But it’s time to close that door

You turned my heart to glass

Broken but put together by another

A memory of my past

I’m no longer smothered

Without the darkness clouded over me

I can finally live free

Forgive they say but never forget

You are without a doubt, my only regret 


Kelsey View All →

I’m a student journalist studying at CSULB. Currently I work as the opinions editor for the Daily Forty-Niner. Poetry and creative writing on the side.

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