The Bridge

By Ashanté Ford

Artist Statement: The poems The Bridge and Insanity both characterize me as a builder. This can be interpreted as a metaphor for the healing process; we set a base, climb some steps and rebuild what was torn down. This me being honest with the process and letting it be known, that it’s possible for the process to tear you down. People love to monetize healing and push it into the category of “love & light” but the reality is that healing can not stop. It lasts a lifetime. It’s as ugly as it is beautiful and self-care cannot just relinquish that anger, fear or sadness you may harbor. I wanted to focus on less attractive emotions and sentiments in my pieces that align with guarding your heart and cursing “God.” Allow these poems to burrow into every wound, every crack and crevice- let them run deep. Let them. 

-Ashante J. Ford

A bridge was built above my heart- I built it.

You can walk over, but not under.

The bridge gets you from one side to another.

We met in Spring.

Baby’s-breath flowered my insides; I always lust after change.

Wary of another, you caught my eye.

A swan wading through mossy-guck in the pond,

I couldn’t help but listen. 

The smooth-talker moves his way to the bridge.

He beckons for another route- 

I replied that another 

‘does not exist’

He stands at one side with no desire to reach the end.

He left in the Summer. 

I think he gave up looking for another route but

Why not just take the easy way? 

Why would he want the gunk underneath? 

What about the shiny top of the bridge? 

Most take their steps right across and make it in and out without looking back, but

Not him.

Would he have stayed if he saw what was underneath?

I’ll tell you a secret:

Love stayed behind my lips and underneath my bridge. 


Love is reserved for me from now on. 



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Mostly a starving artist. Making what I want, when I want and healing through the process.

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