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Every Woman has endured the similar socialization into womanhood, of learning our worth in the world. Being a woman is being born into a role others deem as “less than”. Through objectifying comments made by self-entitled men and movies that instill the damsel in distress narrative, we observe the role we’re destined to play in this world.

Every Woman has a story. We’ve all lived different lives but share similar experiences——whether it be of abuse, neglect, not being listened to or believed, overlooked and disregarded. From birth we are socialized to emphasize the differences between the female and male experience, and in that socialization taught of the submissive role in society women are expected to fill.

We are expected to take the daily patronization of men, on top of their extreme bouts of abuse and violence, and are challenged to overcome, just for crumbs. We must exceed to be seen at the same level of a man barely trying. It is a dynamic so normalized that it is practically embedded in us to disregarded our own experiences, experiences that mirror those of the generations of women that came before us who had no choice but to suppress their pain and stay silent.

The new age of womanhood is sparked by connection, because in connection we have power. In the past generations, women had no way to connect or share their stories the way the digital age allows. They had no idea if other women had similar experiences with their abusers, and had no platform to safely share their stories and be supported.

That’s what the men wanted all along——for us to not get along. Because of the position men hold in our society, one woman is alone in the world. But when we all come together, sharing our experiences, exposing our abusers, telling secrets of healing———we are powerful. Women united is what men really fear, because we live in a patriarchy revolving around women’s submission. 

This isn’t meant to be anti-man. This is not at all men. But it is ridiculous to pretend like violence and oppression towards women isn’t common and continuously perpetrated by men. Until we hold men accountable, and men hold themselves accountable, for the oppression placed upon women through every day engagements and interactions, women will continue to be seen and treated as less than. We live in a patriarchy where men hold power over women, that is the simple truth.

My goal for this project is for it to be a testimony of the strength of women. I want women to come together as a community to create a beautiful ode to womanhood. I want to provide a platform for women to be heard, believed, and met with love. I want to give women a safe space to create freely and express themselves.

There is nothing more powerful than liberating yourself. Than calling out your abuser and letting them know they have no power over you. Than remembering how broken you once were, and realizing how strong you are now. Than breaking free from the limitations you were socialized to believe about yourself. That feeling of liberation, of taking back your power, is a feeling I want every woman to experience.

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